Sunday, January 2, 2011


now they hate to see the way we shine

they hate Lil' Flip teeth they always blind

i've got 25 carrats

I have a cage that got 25 parrots

you can't wear it

it's a rolex

we be sipping moet

i'm the freestyle king these niggas know that

How often do you get to hear a dude spit about his menagerie?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


"Drag," has it's origins in Memphis. Not Chicago. Not Michigan. All that creepy John Carpenter by way of the trap shit Salem does is indebted to underground artists in Tennessee getting hip to Screw and calling their shit "dragged." It was seriously disrespectful to label something slowed up by the hand of anybody who wasn't Robert Earl Davis "Screw," music for a long while after he was a name. Artists in Memphis knew that they better dip their cap by calling their slowed music "dragged," as a sign of respect, though I doubt Crunchy Black ever worried about getting his ass kicked by the SUC.

Memphis Underworld is kind of weird. It's a compilation of a bunch of 8-Ball and MJG tracks dragged and chopped by DJ Black. Mostly. It also features some Three Six Mafia stuff from that era when they pretty much only talked about Glocks and satan. This is all serious guilty pleasure music for me. I had cousins who were Juggalos. One time they played ICP and Marilyn Manson for me during a family reunion in Arkansas in an attempt to blow my fragile little mind. I could easily imagine them being WAAAAAAY into this back then. Too bad they got lame and started listening to Fugazi. I'd really like to get kick it and get wicked on some evil occult type shit.