Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lucertulas Interview

Hey y'all.  Acolyte here.  Ya know there is a lot of really awesome rock and roll from all over the world.  Today we're interviewing one of my (Jack) favorite contemporary bands, Italy's noise rock apocalypse Lucertulas.  These guys and their music are really close to my heart, if you haven't checked 'em out yet ya should.  Their record "THE BRAWL" sounds like if Big Black (offa Atomizer) and The Icarus Line (offa Mono) fucking.  So without further adue, the Lucertulas interview...

First things first, names of players and what they play?

Christin Zandonella  guitar, Luca Bottigliero drums, Federico Aggio bass/vocals.
Us 3 form the actual band but I would also include our sound man Roberto Olivertto in the line up, who is an essential presence.

What does Lucertulas mean?

It's a misspelt or mutated version of the word lucertola, which means lizard. The fact that it's an invented name is pretty useful too because if you search it in google it's the first to come up!

When/Where did Lucertulas form?

Around 2004, in the cold, foggy and monotonous plains of North East Italy.

What kind of stuff influenced you guys growing up?  Like what was the first thing you heard that made you go:  I can DO that!

Our roots are definitely based in hardcore. Then in 2001 I heard Goat by the The Jesus Lizard and everything changed.
Unsane, Converge, US Maple, Cows, Oxbow, Melvins and Shellac are all bands who've strongly influenced our background. Nowadays we have a more varied taste from rock to electronic to jazz to classical etc. I think it's really important to listen to different types of music.

Have any of you guys been in any other projects or involved in other things besides music?

Before Lucertulas I played in Mesmericao (an experimental rock duo) and then with One Dimensional Man. Actually I do have another project called Oscillator in which I create and produce all the tracks. I'll be releasing the debut album in 2013 and will go on tour to promote it, with a "real" band.

On your facebook page it says you can download your album "THE BRAWL" for free?  Do you guys always intend to give away your music?  How do you feel about file-sharing or piracy?

This is a fairly long and complicated topic but one fundamental thing should be said; the way in which we listen to and find music has completely changed. We are living in the age of the shuffle generation, where there are no limits imposed by distance or finding the money to get the records, so music is found everywhere, even more than you could ask for, and this has generated a lapse in listening, which was once a contemplative experience. It should also be said that the industry as we once knew it doesn't exist anymore. A few things have changed: first of all the record labels aren't drowning in the millions anymore so to stay alive they invest in the same stuff, like old bands who live and act and think based on clich├ęs and models of a world that no longer exists and which no longer makes sense. This happens in both the major and and the smaller labels. The system which has "destroyed" the music industry could also be seen as a great form of promotion which keeps the artists 100% in control of their bands promotion, bypassing press agencies, labels and distributors. This system is already in place, there's no longer a need for records or record shops. What has to change is the mentality, people need to update their points of view to understand that it's not music which is in crisis but just that the music industry is an entirely different thing now.

What's the scene like over in Italy?  I think the only other band that I can think of off the top of my head is the Secret?

There are lots of groups of varying genres but the majority of them die out within a few years. In Italy there are increasingly less places to play gigs and venues will always go for the mainstream groups, which for bands like us is obviously really frustrating and detrimental our progress.
Putiferio, A Flower Collapsed, Oscillator are a few bands who hold up the fort.

So y'all have changed your name once and had a couple line up changes, one of which was a change in singer which superficially seems like a challenge.  Many groups break up after their singer leaves because of the challenge of replacing such an integral part of the group, how did you meet Federico and how did he become the singer/bassist for Lucertulas?

Federico was always a big fan of the band (from 2004 until 2007 we were called Superlucertulas) and often we'd see him at our gigs. When Sandro Crisafid decided to leave, Fede proposed the idea of him joining, and it all happened naturally from there.
To formalize the change of line up, we changed our name from Superlucertulas to Lucertulas.

You guys have released 4 tracks off of THE BRAWL in your own Italian language as apposed to the english on the record.  What was the reasoning behind that?  Why write in english at all (this question may be naive)?

Actually it's a really good question.
Expressing yourself in another language might seem unnatural but you have to take into consideration that we grew up listening to and reading lyrics of bands who were mostly English speaking, so in terms of writing English is familiar and in some ways also instinctive. In addition to this, travelling is an integral part of being in the band - seeing new places and meeting new people, particularly outside of Italy. That's the main reason behind choosing to write in English.
However there was the desire to relay our lyrics in Italian. In the beginning we wanted the record to be in both languages, but then we realised that though the translations, the majority of the meaning would probably be lost so we only chose the songs that really worked.

Is there a single songwriter in the band or does everyone kind of pitch in?

As it goes now I write all of the the lyrics but the others read them and approve of them before we record.

Do you guys have any preference in gear?  Or do y'all just sort of plug in to whatever and play?

Playing with our own instruments is fundamental. It's something we never compromise on, for us the sound is everything!

Any cool groups from Italy or that part of Europe we all need to know about?

Loads! Zu, Marvin, Ten Volt Shock, Le Singe Blanc, L'enfante Rouge, Kurt, Ulan Bator...

What's next for Lucertulas?

mmmh ...  a  new awesome album!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mean Jeans Interview

Had a nice summer?  
Us too.  
Check out this Mean Jeans interview.  
Thanks dudes!

First things first:  Names of players and what they play?
Billy Jeans (BJ) sings and plays guitar
Jeans Wilder (JW) sings and plays drums
Junior Jeans (JJ) plays bass

How did y'all get together as a group/where did the name "Mean Jeans" come from (I heard it was a reference to an ex-girlfriend spray-painting someone's house)?

BJ:  Yeah you heard right.  Once upon a time there was an ex-girlfriend spray painting 'Mean Jean' all over the town where we grew up, in the suburbs of Washington, DC.  We figured if we took the name for ourselves we'd already be notorious.

JW: I ran into BJ at a Weird Al concert and asked him if he wanted to start a balls2thewall punk band ala The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He said "no doy". The rest is history.

JJ:  That was my ex....whoops.

What kinda groups inspired y'all to play music in the first place?  Like what was the first thing you heard that made you go,"I can do that!"

BJ: for me that was minor threat and operation ivy. i got those albums the same day in 6th grade and it changed my perspective on shit. Then Junior Jeans and I decided to start our first punk band, The Dirty Rats.

JW: I remember I was listening to the radio late at night back in '94 under the blankets so my parents wouldn't hear, when all of a sudden Crash Test Dummies "Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm", The Cranberries "Zombie", and Ini Kamoze "Here Comes the Hotstepper" came on, one right after the other. I remember thinking to myself "I can do that!"

JJ: BJ called me the day he got the Minor Threat discography and said he had something next level to show me.  I remember listening to the whole thing together on a shitty boombox and both of us were sold.  We had to do it.

Have any of y'all been in other projects past/present?

BJ: I've played in a lot of shitty bands over the past 15 years.

JW: Apparently Gnar Tapes and Burger Records are going to put out a tape of my "solo project" The Hound of Love. It's a bunch of crap I've recorded over the past 6-9 years, coming out any day now I think. The cover looks cool, but the music itself...

JJ: I have a reggae project called Jr. Membah.  JW does all of the music with me.  Keep your eyes out for the gahdna frum da ghutta debut.

Just a quick look at "On Mars" and the first thing I noticed, even if trivial, was that the lengths of most the tracks on the new outing where double the length of most tracks on "Are You Serious?" is this something that just ended up happening or was it on purpose?

BJ: None of us ever said "let's write songs that are longer now", but we did make an effort to push our songwriting style beyond verse/chorus/verse/chorus, as every song on our first album is.

JW: It's actually a lot harder to write a short/fast/stupid "punk" song ON PURPOSE than one might think. The idea of trying to emulate the type of songs on the first album just because we felt like we had to seemed completely Ludacris. So we just did what we felt like doing.

I feel like "Are You Serious" as a record, was kinda like a perfect debut album in a sense that it was a complete package (sparse arrangements, goofy but heartfelt lyrics, equally goofy artwork) and the songs just ripped at you for 30 minutes or so and then it was done.  "On Mars" feels almost a little more intimate, is that a vibe y'all wanted to create during production of the album?
BJ: I'm not sure what 'intimate' means when describing music.  I figured some people would want us to write another Are You Serious album, i.e. fast, catchy, stupid, simple.  Just the idea of having some kind of expectation for what we should do bums me out, so we decided to try to make the songs different.  On Mars has songs with weirder parts, weirder instruments, weirder song writing, but we were just trying to have fun and be the Mean Jeans.
JW: Yeah I personally wanted to do something more than just go in the studio and try to get it done as fast as possible. Which is essentially what happened on the first album: record drums, bass, guitars, vocals then get the hell out of there. When we went into the studio for "On Mars" I was listening to a lot of ELO and had these illusions of grandeur that we could make a more intricate album with all sorts of crazy flourishes and nic-nacs all over the place. In the end that didn't really happen because we were recording with friends for not a lot of money; it's not like we got a bunch of money to go in to a big studio for months and go nuts. So we tried to do as much as we could with what we had, and as much as our laziness, impatience and ADD would allow.
JJ: When BJ was first showing me the songs, just demos with no vocals, I thought there was a lot more to them then the first record.  They were more structured and had melodies to draw you in.  The more i listened to them, they we still just punk songs though.  The lyrics came and they were just as party infused and self-deprecating.  The style is the same, BJ and JW just got deeper in to writing complete songs, not just verse, chorus, verse, chorus, done.

Hearing records being made like "On Mars" and "Are You Serious" is sorta nice compared to all this apocalyptic/depression minded stuff.  Do you guys have any opinions about all this gloom in our culture/society/music right now?
BJ: We try to be a fun band but alot of our lyrics are about hating life too.  We play music to have a good time, and want anybody who sees us to have a good time, but I wouldn't give any of us an award for being optimistic or positive.  We're all unsatisfied, but try to make the best of it. Mostly by partying on, which is the best advice you can get.
JW: I am at my parents' house right now and they have cable. I was up all night watching new music videos on all the different MTV stations and I had absolutely no idea what was going on. There was a pretty good Pink Floyd doc on VH1 Classic though...
JJ:  The Jeans have more then enough gloom and depression to spread around but thats not really the point.  We aren't trying to connect with an audience through a like minded feeling that the world is terrible.  Everyone knows life is shitty sometimes.  Not everyone knows that you gotta say fuck it and rage on.

A lot of punk bands seem to try to be as aggressive and fast as possible and the Mean Jeans kinda dip back to a time when the Ramones were just a pop band trying to write songs instead of stand for anything in particular, am I reading too much into it or is there a dissatisfaction within the members of the band with that sort of aggro approach?

BJ:  We play our songs at least twice as fast in our live set.  It's more fun for us that way.  I don't know who you are referring to when you say bands are being as fast or aggressive as possible; i love fast and aggressive music.  But you are right to say that we care more about pop songs than fast punk ones.  All Mean Jeans songs are pop songs, why wouldn't they be!

You guys have opinions on gear?  Or you just plug in to whatever is around and crank it? (drums too!)

BJ: I don't think any of us cares about gear or owns anything nice.  JW's drum set is from 6th grade or some shit.  Maybe it's our loss for not caring, and sometimes (always?) sounding like shit, but I think it's annoying when bands are primadonnas about gear and their sound.  This is punk! There's nothing serious about it.

JW: Yeah I've had the same drums since 1996. The head on my bass drum has been there since 98. Ride cymbal and hi-hats I've had since 97. I absolutely hate buying new shit. I had to buy a new cymbal about a month or two ago and I think I am still depressed from the whole experience. In fact I know I am.

JJ: Pretty sure we'd all rather use other peoples gear always.  I don't even own a bass.  Thanks JW!! 

C-Rex:  Are you serious?

BJ: No

Whats next for Mean Jeans?

BJ: We're on our way to Chile.  Then Florida, and Fest 11.  Have a couple split 7 inches in the works.  Everything else is a secret.

You guys wanna tell us about any cool new shit coming out of your area or bands that you guys have been really digging on lately?

BJ:  My favorite bands playing right now are Bi Marks, Dancer, Primitive Hearts, Therapists, Pangea, and Boom! 

JW: I can't stop listening to this Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers record. 

JJ:  all uh dat

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hey guys, check out this film/music 'fest' that Jack's band Howlin is gunna be playin' at in Dallas along with Austin's own punk outfit EXILE and Aristoscat from Dallas.  There showin' a couple movies before the music so get there early to enjoy the snuff and then get your rocks off with some rock and roll!!




DEAD VISIONS (3 Short films by James Young)






BYOB!  21+  $8


Sunday, April 29, 2012


Jack got bored and decided to put The House Show episodes so far together for easier viewing.  Kinda like a show!




Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We here are proud to present one of the best sets we caught from 35 Denton: G-Side, live from Andy's. Enjoy. 

For whatever reason vimeo and blogger ain't getting along. Check out the higher quality version over here.

Monday, April 23, 2012


No seriously, do it. We're running out of things to keep you over-medicated-adolescent-minded-development-arrested beautiful and wonderful readers/watchers occupied with so... If you want Acolyte to review your record send us a shout at Because we're all paranoid here we don't want to just post our address on the interweb. We'll only review the records we like and no one will know that you suck if you do.


Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wednesday, the 25th, there is going to be a kickass show over at Club 1808 featuring Acolyte favs Pussyviolence, Mugwump, and Jack's band (no one knows the name of his band at this point), along with White Dog (featuring members of Total Abuse) and a bunch of cool noise rock acts.  If you're in Austin and you're into noise rock...
(facebook event)

April 25th
@ the Club 1808 Annex
9pm - 2am

1am: Pussyviolence (Freegrind Jazzcore)

12:30am: IBNUBO (Spazzy Grind/Thrash)

12am: White Dog (No Wave-y Noise Rock band ft. Rusty Kelley of Breathing Problem/Total Abuse)

11:30pm: Trail Blazer (Heavy Guitar Noise from Kyle Carter & Co.)

11pm: Mugwump (Noise Punx)

10:30pm: Jack & the Drags (3 members of JACKYLS/HOWLIN play Loud-As-Fuck Rock N' Roll)

10pm: Mema (Experimental Improv group ft. Gym Mat Nap, Aunt's Analog, Epop Nivek, Power Monster, and Dromez)

The very next day at Bernadettes...

Jack's band with a different name... and Mugwump again??  OF COURSE.

W/ Break Dancing Ronald Reagan (featuring J. Cash of Pussyviolence, Mucophagia, and Youthful Masturbation Techniques, plus a zillion other projects), Aunt's Analog (featuring Matt LaCommette from Mucophagia, Sex Bruises, and Instincto Records), Daze of Heaven, and Peasant.

Its gunna be a noise and rawk sandwhich with the noise as the bread and the rawk as the meat.  And Jack as the lettuce.  

free, 21+

9-  PEASANT (angry noise)

9:30- DAZE OF HEAVEN (psychadelic noise)

10- MUGWUMP (noise rock)

10:30- HOWLIN (formerly jackyls, kinda noisy)

11- AUNT'S ANALOG (osm noise)

11:30- BREAK DANCING RONALD REAGAN (you know...)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


intro (slurred and spurred)
RIDE - TODAY (slurred)

Friday, April 13, 2012


Check out our first recordings from 35 Denton. True Widow call themselves stonegaze and that's about right. Terminator 2 sounds more like that scene where LA gets nuked than that scene where the robot learns what being cool in 1992 is about (even though I'd listen to both of those bands).

Thursday, March 29, 2012


That's all folks. The House Show III, your favorite show that isn't a show and hasn't been at a house in 5 months, is done. We've got the always excellent Pussyviolence and the always on The House Show Mugwump playing a full set at Beerland from a month back. No one fights a bull but it's pretty good. If you don't like us on Facebook already do it here.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We're Back

God spited and smited us two weeks ago when he took Andie's mac book from this plane of plain existence. With Final Cut blue balls Acolyte is back to cutting with a new machine funded by the entertainment industrial complex and we promise to annoy the shit out of you with annoying and shitty music. First up, the first half of The House Show III.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Thursdays blitz into Denton and Fridays absence of constant stimulation and surplus of bad news prepared us well enough for the highs and lows of Saturday. Rain materialized once we hit the road and didn't let up for more than an occasional drizzle the entire evening. The 'Chain seemed to making an appearance in spirit, if not body, by forcing everyone to wear ponchos, the closest thing the western world still has to a hair shirt. Higher forms of assholes brought umbrellas, the best thing to block a stage with, compounding the collective misery.

We set through half of Devin the Dudes set. We may of felt more inclined to stick around if it was a sunny day and we had a 'rillo a piece, but the dude didn't have the energy to shake off the rain and cold, despite his perma-baked affability. We ran into a local friend and reconvened at The Love Shack for food, booze, and shelter.

We walked back into the wet while Best Coast signed off from one of the main stages. That we missed her by seconds seemed to signal a positive change in our luck. With higher expectations and cholesterol levels courtesy of ribs and hotdogs we waited for the serious half of the late UGK to take stage. Bun B was exactly what we expected. Dude walked up to the edge of the stage and let it be known that he did not give a fuck about the rain. He played the hits, all of them, and finished in an hour. Maybe in twenty more years he'll have a two hour show of choice verses if he's not running a record label off a moon base or doing whatever the fuck else the trillest does on retirement in 2032. The only problem with an hour of bars is that songs with other rappers get chopped in half or a third, even with Pimp's lines ghosted by his surviving partner. The whole presentation had a sawed-off staccato feel kept afloat by the sheer weight of Bun's charisma and word play.

We made a vain attempt to balance out the day with a few rock shows at JJ's Pizza, but the show was at capacity only minutes after the headlining acts had finished. We booked it to Hailey's, knowing that any chance of seeing Main Attrakionz would take the brute force of speed and press passes to get ahead of the poor kids lined around the block with wristbands. We jumped the line, dropped a few dollars at the bar, and settled into some seats while water evaporated off our clothing and we waited through a couple of promising local rap crews(-topic, Brain Gang). The two kids from Cali we'd been expecting hit the stage with their entourage and quickly started sucking most of Denton's fairer sex onto stage. By the end of the set they had countless girls with black square frames and nautical themed ink busting it wide open to some of the finer hip hop to come out this year. The kids dissolved the boundary of the stage and turned Hailey's into a youthful clusterfuck of energy, all while giving banter no play where a banger would suffice, making the set a total inverse of Bun's more statesman like approach.

Main Attrakionz departed off the stage and a well placed hand shake with Jack's right hand and a HD camera in his left were enough for us to score our first interview. We set up in the green room where Squadda Bambino, Mondre Man, and the rest of their clique held court. We talked briefly, surprised by their mutual appreciation for Salem and Cash Money and certain of their confidence and drive. That interview and a video of their set will be coming out soon.

We walked back into the rain mildly euphoric and headed to a home away from home that some close friends had provided for us in Dallas. We informed them of our decision to cut our coverage a day short, scorned by a line-up that looked piss poor without the Reid brothers at the helm. We slept late and made our way back to Austin, equally elated and jaded.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The second day of 35 Denton started slow between five o'clock traffic and and value menu Taco Bell. We arived around Seven o'clock with nothing to do until 11:30. We walked around, noticed the audio diarrhea coming off the main stage, and in general got our barings. During this we met some random art and multi media students who smoked and drank us out while watching our own DVD. It was like a neurotic enema. After conversations about bi-planes and scaring them with noise music and learning about the Mary Chain's visa problems we slumped back to the club bummed about absent Scots.
We originally planned on covering Sleep-Over, a group neither of us has really payed much attention too, but we ended up bailing after the apocalyptic-horror-music-aportion that was the first act. I'm not really into -house anything anyway.
After some very un-sober dialogue about respectful distances and the inevitable roman-esque fall of American society inspired by and based on the shamble-ear-rape we had just experienced we took off to our last and final stop of the night a full hour and forty five minutes early. Thank God for $2 slices at Mellow Mushroom.
The first act we experienced at Mellow seemed, again, to prove our own apocalyptic hypothesis. Needless to say it wasn't our thing. I aborted to the bathroom to get away from the mediocre seeping off the stage and splash some water in my face, still dizzy from the Jim Bean and Kush, when randomly I saw Daniel Francis Doyle seemingly doing the same thing- texting on his phone. I unashamedly introduced myself and let him know of our mutual aquaintences. He was very polite and interested, especially for a bathroom stall conversation. I bugged out after giving him a DVD and found a comfy stall to sit in to roll my eyes at the performace on stage and when some thought all was lost Daniel Francis Doyle started to set up. Boasting a backing band, instead of his one man show, I knew I was in for the first positive musical experience of the night. DFD began to play, channeling Roy Orbison and everything good about Modest Mouse filling the room with positive vibes. It was definitely a different experience than his one man show, but having a backing band lets the audience focus on the superb songwriting and lyrical meloncholy that define DFD's music instead of focusing on the spectacle of a one man show.
Even if tonight was mostly a bummer, except for the free intoxicants and the solid performance by DFD, we still have high hopes for Tomorrow, pun intended.

Friday, March 9, 2012


ST 2 LETTAZ of G-Side

We hit the road at 3:30 northbound for Denton. We made excellent time and prayed for dry weather the entire way. Jack's windshield wipers barely worked, ratcheting up the intensity of a southbound stormfront that seemed to be promising rain. It hit. Then the windshield wipers fixed themselves. Miraculously. Somehow. We exhaled and then started to imitate the brothers from car talk. We got our press passes by 8, jumping the queue of wristband seekers to get a shiny plastic badge that promises the best seats in the house for four days of exceptional music.

Then things got boring. We killed time and High-Lifes waiting to see a band neither of us had heard before but had been talked about in reverant terms by respected peers, despite having the retarded name Terminator 2. They were great. Noisy-sludge that seemed to have the fuck-it attitude of Big Black but with more bass and less treble. We'll have video of it soon and we're positive you'll enjoy it about as much as seing the governator smash Hells Angels Faces.

The superlative True Widow got on stage at Rubber Gloves next. The cigarette smoke turned to pot smoked and dudes with huge beards and hand tattoos got stoked. Any fan of slow and loud that has the lung capacity to get down on their psychadelic wave-length deserves to see a set from these guys n' gal. Especially if you're from their hometown of Dallas, because fuck, that town is out to kill anything good. Anyway, we got video of that too. Stay tuned.

We sprinted out of the venue to catch G-Side at Andy's. We got in after the set had kicked off but before ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clove intorduced their back-up singers. Really all you need to know is they have back-up singers. Fucking awesome. The set was plagued by technical difficulties but they made the most of it. The best thing about hip-hop shows is that even if you don't know all the verses you'll nail the chorus by the second go-round, so even if the song cuts out the emcee can work the crowd into an epic white college girl sing along while the dude with the laptop gets his sound straight. See it for yourself when we're back in Austin and final-cut trapping.

Tomorrow will be slimer pickings, with the itenerary including Austin acts Daniel Francis Doyle and Sleep Over . Stay tuned though, with that much time on our hands we're bound to get into some sort of trouble.

P.S. If y'all want more up to date on the spot updates on our excursion like us on Facebook.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


35 Denton

Sup bitches. Acolyte scored press passes to 35 Denton this year, ya know the one the FUCKING MARY CHAIN AND BUN B is playing at. So yeah, we're fucking stoked, and guess what? We're going to take all y'all along with us for the ride. So stay tuned for MUSIC JOURNALISM. I know its scary, but don't worry we'll hold your hand.



Monday, February 27, 2012


Acolyte's latest: One man doom/sludge/weird from San Antonio. Sounds like a millennia of tectonic forces crushing a diamond that's only going to be mined out of a conflict zone.

We also recorded this dude's set at Beerland the following night. It's in post and will be part of the THE HOUSE SHOW III (featuring Pussyviolence, Sex Bruises and Mugwump). It'll be the first episode featuring two camera operators thanks the wonderful assistance of Christopher Flakus and Jack Harris.
Also dropping in March (or sooner) is a Mugwump music video and an interview/perfomance based piece on Jonathan Cash of Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Pussyviolence, Mucophagia, etc. ad infinitum. So please stay tuned. March is going to be huge. If you want to follow us on facebook do it here. If you want to get your swag on with ACOLYTE shit and support us do it here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Shit I wish there was a emoticon for reggaeton horns right now because The House Show DVD anthology has dropped. Happy Valentine's Day. Check out our bigcartel shop here. The DVD comes in two flavors. We've got a high end super limited edition version and a "bootleg," version that features a cheaper (but still hand made and awesome) cover that we plan on churning out as long as there's a demand. Check it:
Ballin' version

less baller version

The DVD features performances from MGWMP, a collaborative set with Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, Body Inflation Sequence, and Glasgow Smile, Jackyls, Mucophagia, Cronophage, Fox Island, and Pussyviolence. It also features an audio commentary with the creators of the show and a trailer for ACOLYTE'S new show APOCALYPSE DOWN. Show your support for local musicians and film makers.

Friday, February 10, 2012


The infamous Mugwump will be performing with the ear splitting Jackyls at The Jackalope on Thursday the 23rd of February in Austin. Watch rockabilly kids get their minds blown. This one will be a real treat.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We're fucking working on it. The DVD will have a commentary track by some of the people involved in bringing The House Show to the consensual mass hallucination of the internet and a preview of a super secret project ACOLYTE has been developing for some time. It'll be cool. That there up there is what the artwork will look like before being xeroxed into oblivion.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Acolyte booked it's first show at the lovely Club 1808. The roster:

Jackyls: lords of tinnitus, prophets of leather jacket jihad.

Mugwump: they don't give a fuck.

Void Strider: sounds exactly like a band called Void Strider. Better than Black Sabbath.

Fox Island: a cute gay boy with pink hair pig squealing over drum machine grindcore. Heavily Manson influenced.

Well Dressed Thieves: the only band described on Myspace as “alternative/punk/rock” you should care about.

All the dudes (and the one gal) playing this Friday tear it up. Show up and drink some $2 high-lifes. Brag about going to the bad part of town. Get made fun of for thinking 12th and Chicon is actually scary.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's a wrap. Mucophagia closes out Episode II of The House Show with noise and smoke. Big ups to everyone who came out and everyone who played.

We'll be recording more bands soon and putting out a new DVD sometime before that. Stay tuned.

THE HOUSE SHOW II: Pussy Violence

Monday, January 9, 2012


Part III of the house show features Mugwump (with Jeffy from Fox Island on guest vox), who have some shows coming up next week that you should definitely check out. You can also catch a recording of them from Episode I right here. Parts IV and V coming soon.