Monday, January 16, 2012


Acolyte booked it's first show at the lovely Club 1808. The roster:

Jackyls: lords of tinnitus, prophets of leather jacket jihad.

Mugwump: they don't give a fuck.

Void Strider: sounds exactly like a band called Void Strider. Better than Black Sabbath.

Fox Island: a cute gay boy with pink hair pig squealing over drum machine grindcore. Heavily Manson influenced.

Well Dressed Thieves: the only band described on Myspace as “alternative/punk/rock” you should care about.

All the dudes (and the one gal) playing this Friday tear it up. Show up and drink some $2 high-lifes. Brag about going to the bad part of town. Get made fun of for thinking 12th and Chicon is actually scary.

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