Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wednesday, the 25th, there is going to be a kickass show over at Club 1808 featuring Acolyte favs Pussyviolence, Mugwump, and Jack's band (no one knows the name of his band at this point), along with White Dog (featuring members of Total Abuse) and a bunch of cool noise rock acts.  If you're in Austin and you're into noise rock...
(facebook event)

April 25th
@ the Club 1808 Annex
9pm - 2am

1am: Pussyviolence (Freegrind Jazzcore)

12:30am: IBNUBO (Spazzy Grind/Thrash)

12am: White Dog (No Wave-y Noise Rock band ft. Rusty Kelley of Breathing Problem/Total Abuse)

11:30pm: Trail Blazer (Heavy Guitar Noise from Kyle Carter & Co.)

11pm: Mugwump (Noise Punx)

10:30pm: Jack & the Drags (3 members of JACKYLS/HOWLIN play Loud-As-Fuck Rock N' Roll)

10pm: Mema (Experimental Improv group ft. Gym Mat Nap, Aunt's Analog, Epop Nivek, Power Monster, and Dromez)

The very next day at Bernadettes...

Jack's band with a different name... and Mugwump again??  OF COURSE.

W/ Break Dancing Ronald Reagan (featuring J. Cash of Pussyviolence, Mucophagia, and Youthful Masturbation Techniques, plus a zillion other projects), Aunt's Analog (featuring Matt LaCommette from Mucophagia, Sex Bruises, and Instincto Records), Daze of Heaven, and Peasant.

Its gunna be a noise and rawk sandwhich with the noise as the bread and the rawk as the meat.  And Jack as the lettuce.  

free, 21+

9-  PEASANT (angry noise)

9:30- DAZE OF HEAVEN (psychadelic noise)

10- MUGWUMP (noise rock)

10:30- HOWLIN (formerly jackyls, kinda noisy)

11- AUNT'S ANALOG (osm noise)

11:30- BREAK DANCING RONALD REAGAN (you know...)

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