Friday, March 9, 2012


ST 2 LETTAZ of G-Side

We hit the road at 3:30 northbound for Denton. We made excellent time and prayed for dry weather the entire way. Jack's windshield wipers barely worked, ratcheting up the intensity of a southbound stormfront that seemed to be promising rain. It hit. Then the windshield wipers fixed themselves. Miraculously. Somehow. We exhaled and then started to imitate the brothers from car talk. We got our press passes by 8, jumping the queue of wristband seekers to get a shiny plastic badge that promises the best seats in the house for four days of exceptional music.

Then things got boring. We killed time and High-Lifes waiting to see a band neither of us had heard before but had been talked about in reverant terms by respected peers, despite having the retarded name Terminator 2. They were great. Noisy-sludge that seemed to have the fuck-it attitude of Big Black but with more bass and less treble. We'll have video of it soon and we're positive you'll enjoy it about as much as seing the governator smash Hells Angels Faces.

The superlative True Widow got on stage at Rubber Gloves next. The cigarette smoke turned to pot smoked and dudes with huge beards and hand tattoos got stoked. Any fan of slow and loud that has the lung capacity to get down on their psychadelic wave-length deserves to see a set from these guys n' gal. Especially if you're from their hometown of Dallas, because fuck, that town is out to kill anything good. Anyway, we got video of that too. Stay tuned.

We sprinted out of the venue to catch G-Side at Andy's. We got in after the set had kicked off but before ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clove intorduced their back-up singers. Really all you need to know is they have back-up singers. Fucking awesome. The set was plagued by technical difficulties but they made the most of it. The best thing about hip-hop shows is that even if you don't know all the verses you'll nail the chorus by the second go-round, so even if the song cuts out the emcee can work the crowd into an epic white college girl sing along while the dude with the laptop gets his sound straight. See it for yourself when we're back in Austin and final-cut trapping.

Tomorrow will be slimer pickings, with the itenerary including Austin acts Daniel Francis Doyle and Sleep Over . Stay tuned though, with that much time on our hands we're bound to get into some sort of trouble.

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