Thursday, December 23, 2010


Why did no one ever talk about these guys? Why does no one still talk about these guys? Their first E.P. is fuckin' phenomenal. They released a full length in 2006 (it was self titled if anyone's keeping score) that was alright. Its hard to describe these guys, they're a buddyhead band? If that means anything to you. It probably doesn't so go check out 400 Blows, the Icarus Line's first two records, and Ink and Dagger. Which is a really good way to describe them, they're kinda like 400 Blows, the Icarus Line during MONO, and Ink And Dagger. Sorta. Whatever, these are good. Take it from me, I'm your cool friend you try to be: I know better than you.

Wires On Fire - Homewrecker E.P.

Wires On Fire - S/T

One of these days I'll post some 400 Blows 'cause chances are you haven't heard them.


Porquinho said...

Here's a link to the homewrecker album:

Michael_Weathervein said...

Love that people are talking about this band, even if it was years ago. Thanks so much to Porquinho for uploading Homewrecker. My copy got worn out and I've been looking for a download ever since.

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