Monday, November 29, 2010

psychosis rock/gothabilly/deth jazz

You may be asking yourself: what the fuck is psychosis rock, gothabilly, or deth jazz? Like is this dude just making shit up to see if anyone'll call his/her bullshit? Its real you fucks, you just don't pay attention to shit like I do. 'Cause chances are if you live in amerika you have no FUCKING CLUE who the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, With Scissors, Bad For Lazarus, or the Vile Imbeciles are. Which is sad 'cause they made some of the best rock and roll in the '00s (read 'naughts'). First things first: Eighties Matchbox.


Eighties Matchbox started in 1999 in Brighton, England according to one interview because,'...we where too young for punk or grunge and we didn't think anyone was dedicated to rock anymore.' They released the BEST punk record (dubbed psychosis rock by the members, called gothabilly by the press) in 2003 called HORSE OF THE DOG.

Celebrate Your Mother from HORSE OF THE DOG

Its easy to say dudes where cramps inspired, but they where WAY more inspired than bullshit psychobilly (and the cramps fucking rule). The thing is eventually with a muse that deep theres going to be schisms. Enter the VILE IMBECILES:


Original lead guitarist from the Matchbox, Andy Huxley, left on good terms with the band, but he had ideas of his own that he felt where best suited for his own band. They've released two records ...Ma and Queenie Was A Blonde. They call themselves 'Deth Jazz'. Watch the video below and find out why...

Slack Hands off ...Ma

Speaking of members of the Matchbox leaving to start their own band: the replacement for Mr. Huxley, Rich Fownes, originally left the Matchbox to join Nine Inch Nails, bullshit right? Well he got kicked out only playing like one or two shows with NIN and started A FUCKING MILLION BANDS. To his credit he was in A MILLION FUCKING BANDS before he joined the Matchbox including but not limited to With Scissors (who we'll get to in a minute) and he also played guitar live for UNKLE. Anywho, he started a band after he left NIN called BAD FOR LAZARUS.

Old Rats On A New Ship by Bad For Lazarus

Remember With Scissors? Well its another Rich Fownes band and THEY FUCKING RULE. I can't find anything really about them or any of their music online even though they've released two splits. Here's a live video.

So if you have any With Scissors music you wanna fucking give to me 'cause I'm the most TRVE Matchbox fan in amerika...

AND FUCK THE FUCKING HORRORS, who're also from Brighton and rip the Matchbox the FUCK OFF, whose first EP I picked up and decided where fucking boring. The ONLY reason why they became famous was 'cause no one had ever heard of gothabilly and the fucking awesome scene that the Matchbox started back in the 2000's. YOU'RE FUCKING WELCOME.

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