Saturday, April 30, 2011

Liturgy Interview

Hunter from Liturgy is a cool dude. If you haven't heard, Liturgy rules. I spoke to Hunter on the streets of Deep Ellum during parade of flesh's brofest. Google image for the picture.
Liturgy also has a new record out May 10th called Aesthethica. Which is why Hunter laughed so hard when I asked him that question... Hunter also has an essay for sale about Transcendental Black Metal limited to 151 copies. Nowadays you have to be a philosopher.

P.S.- I'm a nerd. Fuckin' deal.

Liturgy Interview by Acolyte-BSA


Check out our newest video with interviews and performances from LITURGY live at RED 7 in Austin:


Joseph Nechvatal said...

Good interview. I like his insistence on theory.

Black Jack said...

Yeah, he has a lot of interesting ideas and points. A lot of people hate him for it, but thats the price of having new ideas.

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