Friday, June 17, 2011

The Falkon/The Black Dotz

Consider this a gift.
The Falkon was Mazinga Phaser's founding member and guitarist Wanz Dover's project after the latter's demise in 2000. The Falkon recorded but never officially released any material. Fast forward a decade which saw Wanz transform into the man behind the beasty beats in his solo project Blixaboy and the singer and once rhythm/noise guitarist behind The Black Dotz. The Black Dotz are now comprised of half The Falkon with Wanz taking full vocal duties and finally, well like six months ago, released some cuts from The Falkon daze. The Black Dotz are finally playing shows, but only around Dallas, suckas.

June 24th @ Crown and Harp (formerly the Cavern) Dallas, TX
More to come soon, will update as new dates pop up.

The Black Dotz/The Falkon - Milk Cow Blues by The Black Dotz

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