Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michael Yonkers Band

Whats up y'all. Me? Not a lot. Just diggin' on some grindcore, some hip hop, and garage. I like my garage like I like my music blogs, pretentious, and boy do I LOVE the Michael Yonkers Band's unreleased-for-reasons-unknown-until-like-forty-years-later-classic-that-could-never-be LP Microminiature Love. I always spell minature wrong. Anyway, dude cut up a telecaster and made his own effects. Think Throbbing Gristle if dude was into garage instead of looking like his dead girl friend. Whatever, anyway, first thing you'll probably notice about this record is its HEAVY use of effects in the 60s. As primitive as it might sound, almost every sound Kevin Sheilds achieved you can't help feel had a beginning somewhere on this record. Did I mention I don't like Frank Zappa? Yeah, fuck that guy. I guess I'll talk about some songs on this thing to prove I listened to it. Michael Yonkers voice would make Nick Cave feel fucking ashamed of himself. Crooning, gloomy, intense, shouting. His performance on number one hits like Boy In The Sandbox, a catchy stereo-echo-single-string-heavy-art-garage groove and build, tell a familiar story about the youth being wasted in Vietnam capped off with a guitar noise outro meant to mimic the sounds of a battlefield with INTENSE amounts of feedback, stereo-echo and delay. The next song, Smile Awhile, is even more effects heavy with the vocals going back and forth between the left and right, dry and wet with reverb. Back and forth until the groove finally climax's into a blues-less guitar solo lead and the final verse. Wanna feel really weird? Listen to Hush Hush and think about Gang Of Four. Don't know who Gang Of Four is? Then why the fuck are you reading this? Know whats funny about this record? It starts with this song Jasontown. I didn't really like it because compared to the rest of the record its kind of just another garage rock song. Like its a little off, but those chords are all too familiar and when I listen to this record I want my mind blown like the intro to Kill The Enemy. Its grown on me since, but they should have saved that one for a more deep cut instead of right at the beginning. Either way its great and y'all should take a listen to this fine piece of... uhm... wax?

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